STORIES OF GOODNESS online brochure

At the center of this project is placed the Man: doctor, manager, teacher, creator, parent, unemployed, young and old, convinced European or Eurosceptic. We will listen carefully to everyone's voice and make it clear and reach millions of European Union citizens.
The Covid crisis is not going away anytime soon. With the results of the activities under the Manage the covid crisis with care, reason, values, unity, solidarity project, we want to supplement the SWOT analysis of this process.
As a result of the discussions during the debates and our research work, we collected 42 stories from 8 countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Serbia and the Czech Republic. We have compiled them into an online brochure in English.
"STORIES OF GOODNESS" contains photos, videos and stories of help and empathy, personal experience, good practices from the experiences of doctors, NGOs, communities, cities and countries. Here you will find many personal, human stories, some of them - famous, others - about "small" characters who stayed out of the limelight.
This booklet shines a light on the everyday, quiet act of kindness that we believe is more contagious than the virus.