Online education: (un)learnt lessons
Lithuanian partner’s Lessons from the crisis

Series of online workshop with educators and students was held by OLF - the Lithuanian organization, partner in the project "Manage the COVID crisis with Care, reasOn, Values, unIty, soliDarity":
1st workshop – 2021-10-13 (target group – teachers and educators, number of participants – 32);
2nd workshop – 2021-10-21 (target group – students, number of participants – 10);
3rd workshop – 2021-10-25 (target group – students, number of participants – 11).

The Covid-19 has globally affected education systems, changing working and studying conditions irreversibly. According to the researchers, the disruption of the regular teaching process by Covid-19 has required schools' collective efforts and enabling teachers' autonomy and expertise to deal with the systematic and organizational challenges of distance education transition. Some of the challenges were not the new ones. As with any distant learning process, online education during the Covid-19 lockdown has highlighted the issues of the assessment of students' achievements and engagement of students into the learning process.
The Lithuanian education community has been discussing challenges and lessons brought by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak since the first lockdown in March – June 2020. If the first challenges were related to the sufficient quantity of the digital devices and digital/online learning environments and their accessibility, in the later phases of a pandemic outbreak, issues of self-directed learning skills, the declining level of students' achievements, balanced education process, etc. came into play.

To discuss the educational challenges that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., self-directed learning, the role of schools' communities, insufficient learning to learn competencies, excess and meaningless homework, etc.) and to identify possible solutions for school communities, educational support institutions or other stakeholders, the WORKSHOP "ONLINE EDUCATION: (UN)LEARNT LESSONS" was organized.
Various members of the school community – teachers, non-formal educators, students, parents, educational stakeholders – were invited to the workshop. Over 90 participants have registered for the event; however, only 1/3 of registered participants (32) have taken part. Therefore, it was decided to organize two more workshops for students, to hear the voice of young people.

You can read the results of the discussions in the article „Online education: (un)learnt lessons – Summary“