Excellent team work was shown at the Vocational High School of Mechano-Electrical Engineering

As in previous general activities and events, and during the World Cafe on Manage the COVID crisis with Care, reasOn, Values, unIty, soliDarity in the Vocational High School of Mechano-Electrical Engineering
(PGMET) – Pleven everything went smoothly. And you can also say in the sun - as if every time the weather is favorable or maybe when good friends invite us to the sunniest room on the second floor of the high school.

The men's teams from XI a and XI b classes, with the outstanding participation of two young ladies - Teodora and Sevdelina, quickly got their bearings in the idea of the lesson and took their places at the tables. They worked on the following 4 topics: What needs to be changed and improved in the future in digital learning at school and in online learning?; What methods are needed to increase trust in doctors and scientists? How to fight fake news and fear? and Can the non-governmental sector provide greater assistance to society in times of crisis and how?
The youth demonstrated awareness, resourcefulness and maturity. To their surprise, they found out that they had to change the tables and, accordingly, the topics every 10 minutes, and that thus each "team" started working on one issue, but ended with another. This did not bother them because they showed friendship with each other and worked well as a team. It was interesting to combine a scientific approach with artistry in the design of the boards illustrating their reasoning and suggestions. The presentation of the conclusions by the four people in charge at tables was exactly like that.
The team of teachers this time was entirely female, in the person of the director of PGMET, engineer Tsvetelina Stoycheva and teachers Natasha Basarova and Parvoleta Petkova.
Confidently and with a smile, we wished each other "See you soon."